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New Shinra Bansho All Over the Place

722773206More somewhat late news, yay~

At the most recent World Hobby Fair, the next Shinra Bansho installment was previewed: See here, here, here, and here. It’s just one poster and a new logo, but interestingly enough, it’s said to take place on the Solomon Continent, the same setting as Daimao.

The title is 九邪戦乱の章 – meaning…errr…Chapter of Nine Wicked War…Nine of War Evil…Nine Dishonest War Disturbances…um, well, I’ll get back to you on that one, okay?

Of course, it’s clear enough the number nine is involved, and as discussed here, it continues the pattern of installments after 3 indicating a chapter number in some other way (for ZX Factor, it’s pronounced “Zechs”, and six in German is “sechs”…go figure).

ordersAnd in other news, an entirely new Shinra Bansho product was announced: Shinra Bansho Eternal Coin Chocolate.

Take a look here. Coming in random packs like the normal series, these instead include three “medal” chocolates (think pirate coins) and what’s been described as “Serial Numbered Special Paper Base”. Meaning, it seems, a serial redeemable for items in the Shinra Bansho Eternal mobile phone game.

Those strips in the link above are assumedly the illustrations the serials come on. Preorders for boxes (20 packs per) are available at AmiAmi, among other places, with the release date apparently being February 12th. I’m ordering a box just to see what it’s like, so…stay tuned!

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