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Daimao Volume 4 Release Day News Extravaganza!

card4bThere’s been a few news items leading up to Daimao Volume 4’s release, but admittedly I’ve been otherwise occupied lately – so now that the main event is finally here, I’ll do a run down of everything:

-As indicated by the image, the exclusive by-mail cards winnable through the serial code game have been made clear (guess who?), as has the next limited store exclusive…errr, card, singular, this time around.
-In addition to those, the variant digital cards for Shinra Bansho Frontier and dress up items for Bandai’s social network Banafes! Town are highlighted too.
A new TV commercial for the release is out
-Meanwhile, they’re already well on their way to having complete scans for Daimao Volume 4 cards over at
-Also, check out their front page for the two variants of the cute posters they’ve got promoting their next Shinra Bansho/Bikkuriman fan event


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