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Shinra Bansho Eternal GREE Social Game + Daimao Volume 3 Limited Card Photos

Shinra Bansho Eternal is the name of a new battle card game coming out on GREE’s mobile platform.

GREE is one of the two gigantic social app/mobile social game providers of Japan, the other being Mobage (there are more, but they’re the kings). As such, they’ve backed a number of different mobile games, many of the hottest being based on popular existing brands – something like a kajillion of them. One of the more prominent types is the social card game, although these are oft criticized for being rather samey beyond different shells. Seeing as how I don’t have a Japanese phone, I wouldn’t know myself…

The interesting thing here is, there seem to be new characters involved, those three gathered around the logo in particular. Whether they’re much more than game liaisons though, also unknown.

You can thank the good ol’ I’ll be dis-ABSOLUTER blog for alerting me to this – who also happens to have photos and comparison of all five of the limited Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar Volume 3 cards already! It helps to further illustrate the more obvious Arcana card differences I mentioned last time, and also the ones with Arc.

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