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Daimao Volume 3 Limited Cards + YouTube Updates

Well hello there! It’s been a while, huh?

The official site has added a page outlining the limited store exclusive cards, once again consisting of recolors of cards from the previous volume. The two mystery cards, the website game mail exclusives, will be revealed on Damiao Volume 3’s release date. I’ve got my box pre-ordered from, how about you?

YouTube Updates

Bandai has put up a new commercial for Daimao Volume 3, so check that here! It provides a nice preview of some of the characters appearing this time around.

Also, some bad news: Some of you may have noticed this by now, but half of the Promo Anime videos on YouTube are gone, as are most of the Serial Number Game ones. This is due to the account that hosted most of them being nuked, although some of the others have been set to private, so there’s reason to believe it may be due to Bandai finally sending out copyright notices – you may have already seen that previous commericals aren’t available on YouTube (Bandai puts them up themselves, then take them down, likely discouraging anyone from putting them back up).

More annoyingly, I thought I had these all backed up just for such an occasion, but I guess I didn’t – and even for the ones I do have, they’d probably just get taken down anyway. Oh well. I at least want to get that big Shichiten no Hasha promo back, so if anyone sees that around let me know – I may yet come up with something.


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  1. I have ALL of the Serial Number videos, including the Shichiten preview stashed in the external hard drive. Also, I’ve got other commercials from the previous ZX series except Chapter 1-3 and Shingoku (I only have Volume 2 of that IIRC).

    If you want those, let me know and I’ll PM you in the forums.


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