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Card Market Up! + Other News

A few days ago I added (and completely neglected to mention here) a Card Market board to our forum. The idea is to have a nice place to post new and interesting deals on cards/card boxes that show up, and also for anyone who wants to trade/buy/sell cards to have a place to list what they’ve got or what they’re looking for. So check it out, and even if you’re not planning on posting there, keep an eye on it for deals!

In other news, image rips of Shinra Bansho Frontier at Peche no Sekai Ver. B have stopped thanks to the file format being used there changing. If anyone is familiar with extracting things from .DAT files, see if you could drop kurenaiseiba a line about it.

Also, it looks like is having another trivia contest (for Japanese fans), with the prizes being Daimao cards with some cool custom holographic effects – take a look at their front page!


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