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Complete Daimao Volume 2 Card Scans

Complete? How is that possible when it’s not even out yet?

Well, apparently it is, as has it covered as usual – I guess this explains my speculation from before: there weren’t just promo cards being handed out, there were entire packs being made available! The listing here covers everything short of the store specific promotional cards.

Also, something I forgot to mention last time: Over at the forum kurenaiseiba made a very nice post about a number of experiences with retailers and middleman services used to get cards and other Shinra Bansho products, complete with photos! Very informative and worth checking out, and a link has been added to the card buying guide as well. And don’t forget, you’re welcome to post too!


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  1. Hello! I’ve uploaded the Daimaou V2 images from the game and also, there’s an alternate color version of Genmaou Asmo Deus (that’s her official name…) too!


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