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More Daimao Volume 2 Details + Good News for Astaroth Fans

First, it’s worth noting that I’ll be dis-ABSOLUTER added some photos of a few rare cards, including the orange edition Aria available from Shinra Bansho Frontier promotions and what appears to be like the seventeenth different version of Super Seizure Lord Arc.

But more importantly, check out this new post with info fresh off of World Hobby Fair 2012 these last two days, including a card list and card flyer for the upcoming Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar Volume 2! There’s even photos of what appear to be early releases of three cards given out t0 attendees, including a new Arc and Arcana, and a version of the next whoa-what-am-I-looking-at-I-need-to-sit-down-my-head-feels-funny special Mirage effect card!

As for that “good news for Astaroth fans”:

-Among the cards depicted in the flyer photographed in the link above is yet another attractive blue skinned lady along the lines of Astaroth and Asmodeus – another relative, perhaps?

-kurenaiseiba added yet another artwork rip from the Shinra Bansho Frontier browser game, this time of the recently added Chapter II, Volume 2- and that means much bigger direct artwork of Astaroth’s second appearance! Check it out here, which you can also always visit from the Artwork link above.

-I’ve also made some minor updates to the Astaroth info page: I haven’t touched it for a long time since I haven’t had any real info to add, but I decided to throw in photos of her full cards and the pages featuring original illustrations of her from the Card Encyclopedia photos I took for our feature on that in the last post.


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