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Forum Opening

Click the link at the top and check it out – small forum, just there if anyone cares to use it, and at least probably an easier way to pose questions or start discussions than entry comments here (not that I don’t welcome those!). I fully expect it to be a low traffic spot, but regardless, it’s something to have around that may be helpful in the future.


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  1. Yay! A forum! It looks good but here are some things I would suggest to improve it.

    The Shinrabansho section should be broken down into subforums for news, general discussion, Merchandise, Fanart (could also be broken down into art and fan fiction).

    Then there should be a general discussion section to with a general discussion sub-forum games, movies/animes/Manga/tv shows/, and a ‘spam’ section for forum games. You should also make an introduction forum (or just a thread for it in general discussion)

    Also a technical section for bugs and suggestions for the forum. and one for forum announcements.

    Even though the forum is going to have a low visitor count it’d be good if these sections were already there encase the place picks up.

    • Thanks for the suggestions – I think I’m going to leave it as is for now, if only because it makes it that much easier to maintain for the time being. I am also worried that if I make a ton of forums that aren’t being used, it’ll make the place look more barren than it actually is, but I know that works both ways (it does work out like “If you build it they will come” sometimes). So maybe eventually.


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