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Daimao Volume 2 News

Since finished adding all the characters from Volume 1 to their webpage the other day, I figured details about Volume 2 weren’t far off – and it looks like I had the right idea! And as before, my favorite blog whose name I’d like to know the story behind I’ll be dis-ABSOLUTER has further information from magazine scans, previewing the next shonen power up forms of the cast.

In other news,‘s current front page update regards another fan event in Osaka this November (if I’m not mistaken), and a quiz contest to win some fan made cards, and custom Yama Ou Belferia cards with a special heart graphic effect added.

Also, a while ago by now, Peche no Sekai Ver. B updated the Shinra Bansho Frontier renders yet again to include ZX Factor Volume 2. I am slow.


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