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More Anime Promos and Fan Stuff

You may have already spotted this on the official website or its addition to the YouTube promo anime playlist –  there’s a fifteen second television commercial for Daimao Volume 1. It has all of like, three seconds of moving animation in it, but hey, it’s something. I also happened to stumble into a ZX Factor promo I somehow hadn’t found before, the video for which also includes a commercial for Volume 4 and an early Shichiten no Hasha preview. Which reminds me, I should really dig around places like Nico Nico Douga and see if there’s anything else I missed…’s Fan Event

In other news, you may have noticed when dropping by, they’ve got a fan event set to happen shortly (literally hours from now, actually). This is the forth one they’ve done – here’s a report on the one from last year, and here’s one for the year before that. Looks like somebody’s got mad cake making skills.

One of the coolest things you’ll see here is the doujinshi product available – fan made Shinra Bansho cards and Bikkuriman stickers (some including known anime characters from things like Pretty Cure, Madoka Magica, and Squid Girl). Here’s some links to the info pages they’ve had up for each event – check out menu on the left and the second link down for a list of some of the doujin stuff that was available then:


Daimao Sales Update

In addition to, Hobby Search ( now has Daimao Volume 1 boxes available.

Future Updates

I’ve had plenty of stuff to toss up here since putting this little site together on a whim, what with the place being new and Daimao’s release and all, but as you might imagine, there’s only so much to do updates on (I’m not going to drop a post here every single time adds a new character page from the new set ). This has all been about what I’ve been able to find out about Shinra Bansho so far, so I’m thinking while things get slow I’ll put together a post on the things I’m not sure about or don’t have any info on, just to get it out there (i.e. the “here’s stuff you can potentially help with should you take pity on me :'<” list).


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  1. I was wondering, Do you know any information on the story/stories of Shinrabansho? Or character information?

    I really wanna know more about the world/characters/story of Shinrabansho.

    • Everything here is what I know so far, so unfortunately…as of yet, absolutely nothing. It’s one of those things I’ll be getting into on that stuff-I-don’t-know post I mentioned I’d be doing sometime above. Maybe we’ll get lucky! :B


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