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Daimao Artwork Bonanza

Volume 1 of Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar is officially out, and that means updates. Here’s the run down:

Card Scans

The folks at are already hard at work scanning the front and back of the new cards as soon as they can get a hold of them – see here for the list. At this rate it looks like it won’t be much longer until it’s complete.

Frontier Artwork Rips

Meanwhile, at Peche no Sekai Ver. B, kurenaiseiba is on top of things as ever, already having ripped the Volume 1 Daimao artwork in its entirety immediately upon it being added to the Frontier website. As usual, it’s also linked to on the Artwork page here.

Also, there’s some interesting information about how the game’s promotional card is obtained, involving inviting friends to the service, much like other social game/service incentive offers (unfortunately, of course, it involves a need for Japanese cell phone numbers, so don’t bank on getting it yourself).

And naturally, the official site has updated, revealing the last limited card variant (seems to be the Coro Coro Comic one), a story page which seems to be about seems to be about who currently has which of the Eight Pillars mentioned in this arc’s title, and of course the usual character page which will likely be updated over time as before until all of this volume’s characters are added (by the time the next volume is set to release).

My Volume 1 box shipped from AmiAmi today (who still have it in stock at this time of writing, by the way) – maybe we’ll see some new features around here once I get that. Maybe.


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