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Daimao Just About Out

The official release date for the first volume of the ninth card set, Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, is still 4/16, but it’s just about here. AmiAmi has it available as Released now (orders are still open as of this writing), and updated to make card serial number entry available and included some information on this arc’s races. It’s also revealed one of the previously hidden limited cards, which seems to be related to a Shinra Bansho Frontier promotion.

I put in an order for a Daimao box myself and got the notice for payment here today – shipping, for the record, came out to 980 yen using SAL unregistered, or roughly 12 US dollars, making the total order about 32. This was the cheapest option, by the way – that’s just how it is when it comes to importing, especially with the current exchange rate, so keep that in mind if you’ve never imported before.

AmiAmi is fairly popular among international figure enthusiasts and has options to combine shipping (you can make monthly orders), so that’s worth remembering if you happen to also be in the market for awesome robot toys or something.


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