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Card info updates + Alright seriously AmiAmi is just messing with me at this point

The official updated today, with some information on limited cards. I’ll be dis-ABSOLUTER has a new post discussing said update, and also featuring an updated card list and info from CoroCoro Comic.

From what I can gather:

-The official site is detailing a campaign for specific limited cards that can only be found by participating at certain retailers, Circle K and Seven Eleven in particular (yes, Japan has those).
-CoroCoro Comic also has drawings for their own limited edition card. Some pretty crazy looking holographics and effects on all these variants.
-Serial numbers on specific cards used to play a leveling mini-game on the website are back.


Possibly due to being so close to the release date,’s pre-orders for the new Daimao Volume 1 card set are up yet again. At this point, it looks like the pre-orders/sales past the date may just keep going up and down as stock becomes available, so if for some reason you want it and even miss this opportunity, keep an eye on that page.


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