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Daimao Update

Head over to and you’ll notice things have geared up for the release of the ninth card series, 大魔王と八つの柱駒,  or apparently “Eight Pillars of the Daimao (Great Demon Lord)”. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll be referring to it as Daimao from now on.

There’s not much there but a pretty face at the moment, although when the release date of April 16th passes, you can expect some card info and character art as usual. It should be interesting to see if they continue the standards of Shichiten no Hasha, the last series, and include serial numbers leading to a leveling game with occasional anime clips.

Once again, the dis-ABSOLUTER blog has some pre-release info here and here, including a card listing (30 in total this time) – all in Japanese, of course.


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