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Shinra Bansho Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Out, Wafer Point Details

theyrebothwearingcorsetsrightThe start of the 10th Shinra Bansho installment, Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Volume 1, is out in Japan now. already has card scans available, for those looking to browse.  For buyers, AmiAmi has been blipping in and out of stock, so it’s worth monitoring – otherwise, check out our buying guide for other places.

Also worth noting, AmiAmi still has Kuja Senran no Shou Volume 4 in stock, featuring the totally not scandalous at all Belzebuth and Asmodeus card, among others.

In case you missed it, an extended two minute version of the anime ad is out now, featuring Hiroshi Kamiya as the voice of Moebius. At the end, a mysterious pair of figures appear – it’s Ryuga and Shizuku, formerly the heroes of Chapter II and III, who were later revealed to have acscended to Godhood in Ouga Rasen no Shou.

They have cards in this installment, but you can’t get them in the actual packs: You have to earn them with Wafer Points. As the official page explains, you cut out little stamp sized segments in the backing mount you get with packs, and mail them in to redeem. Send 15 for Ryuga, and 30 for Shizuku – so 45 for both. As you may imagine, this program is made only with Japan in mind, so those looking to take advantage of it will likely need the help of a friend in Japan or perhaps even a particularly understanding proxy service.

A Bit on Shin Bikkuriman

iknowwhatthepeoplewantAs is often referred to here, Bandai’s Shinra Bansho Choco is derived pretty directly from Lotte’s Bikkuriman Choco line of character stickers with wafers. But now, it looks like the father is imitating the son.

Shin Bikkuriman, a brand new incarnation of the series, is coming out in Japan in May, after a 3/25 release in select regions. Doing away with the squat character designs of the original stickers, the wafers now come with trading cards featuring more full figured characters, putting it more in line with Shinra Bansho’s approach. Not only that, they can be used for a simple battle card game playable with a mere five cards, much like Kura Sushi’s Kaiten Mutenmaru card series.

Still, reprints of the classic Bikkuriman line continue, with Bikkuriman Densetsu 7 coming out the same month (as have collaborations, like the recent “Hokuto no Man” Fist of the North Star stickers). So while they’re not leaving behind the older collector/nostalgia market, it looks like they’re trying to retake the younger market which has seemingly slipped through their fingers in recent years.

Here’s a pack opening video featuring a variety of cards. Interestingly, even the package design has been changed to match the standard form factor for novelty pack-in wafers employed by Bandai and other companies, complete with the plastic wrap for the card inside. The new wafers lack peanuts, which Bikkuriman always had. How heretical!

No pre-orders are available online quite yet, but I’ll update when this changes.

Time will tell if this new approach catches on. In the mean time, here’s some links to peruse:
-Official site
-Their explanation of the card game in two YouTube videos. Despite being in Japanese, they’re easy to understand.
-A blog post overview of the cards, source of one of the images above.
-Cards are on Yahoo Auctions, like here and here (aka, my other image sources)

Astaroth Model Previewed, New Anime Ad

imsurethoseofyouwithaweirdpetrificationthingwillappeciatethis A recent magazine entry shows a prototype of the Astaroth figure coming from Mega Hobby’s Excellent Model line. See the full image on Twitter. It appears the pose is an adaptation of her Chapter II, Volume 2 appearance, which was referenced in the initial announcement. The final version will, of course, be prepainted. No pricing or release date available yet. More news as it comes.

For Shinra Bansho: Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, the tenth installment in the series coming April 7th, there’s a fully animated ad now airing on Japanese television. (3/26 EDIT:) Here’s the official 30 second version and the near 2 minute extended version. As with previous media, it depicts Volume 1 as a conflict between Moebius, Ark, and Apollo of the Solomon Continent and Saiga, Polaris, and Sirius from Chapter I.

Finally, some other Tenchi Shinmei things to note:
-The official character page on the site shows Balanciel is back.
-A number of magazine scans have appeared on Twitter showing the card art for the characters appearing. See in particular here (showing Kuon) and here (showing Arcana and Noin).

Tenchi Shinmei no Shou Out 4/7, Top Characters Selection Stuff

topmain_jawdroppingly_handsome_like_oh_my_gooooooood_cropOh look! Incredibly gorgeous young men! This can only mean one thing: Shinra Bansho – Tenchi Shinmei no Shou (Gods of Heaven and Earth) is coming out in less than a month, on April 7th! This is actually a week earlier than usual, interestingly.

This marks the 10th set of the series, and as the appearance of Grumpy Saiga indicates, it’s billed as a “Shinra Bansho All-Star War”, with previous characters returning. As the product page shows, it already looks like Apollo and Ark are back yet again, along with Raisen and Shion. The blurred out card previews are likely Sirius and Arcana.

And the main character this time seems to be none other than Moebius, the troublemaking sorcerer who keeps popping up all throughout Shinra Bansho’s history. We’ve got his antics cataloged pretty well in the Story Guide, so why not go get caught up?

Finally, there’s at last a page for Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection, the all holographic card set from last month. has some coverage of an event held for the set at hobby shop Yellow Submarine on their main page.

Although is still sold out, I’ve been getting word that it’s been blipping in and out of stock, so eagle eyed buyers may want to stay persistent. It’s more likely to pop up during daytime/morning hours in Japan.

Huge Story Guide Update – Second Year Anniversary!

3430[0]It’s been two years since the once nameless Shinra Bansho World started up. Thanks to all readers for your interest and support!

Just in time to celebrate, the Story Guide section has had a huge update! As ever, Eis is the one to thank for all this info. Here’s the big change:

Chapter III, well as Shingoku no Shou and Ouga Rasen no Shou now have full-fledged summaries, more thorough than anything before! This comes complete with a slate of character images.

There’s been a few other small changes as well, described below:
Format update -
-The main page now splits the story guide into multiple sections.
-Each chapter arc (and volume, where mentioned) have links to their card scans on, making it easier to follow along with those if you’d like.

Other story updates -
-Chapter I now makes reference to Orion, as his appearances afterwards are now detailed throughout the guide.
-Chapter II, at the end, now has an image of Creare (since she’s important), and Moebius, from a card album pack in.
-Daimao to Yattsu no Pillar, at the end, adds references to the Caduceus staff and Ark’s memories (or lack thereof).
-Kuja Senran no Shou, at the end, adds Noin, Procyon and Orion’s appearances, the Ennead Tarot, more Caduceus and Ark, and the epilogue.

Overall, connections between chapters to the character Moebius are more clear than ever – leading to his return in the next chapter, Tenchi Shinmei no Shou, this April!

Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection Out Now!

FIG-COL-6412Now available for purchase, the Shinra Bansho Top Characters Selection features reprints of previously run character cards, with new holographic effects. Every single card in this set is holographic, even for characters who were not before.

30 characters were selected from the result of a popularity poll, but there are 38 cards to collect total – this is because it includes not only three new cards of the top ranking characters (Saiga, Alma, and Ako), but it also includes the variant versions of the cards that had one before, like Maxi with gold armor effects and Izuna with silver hair.

The set is more expensive than the usual boxes, but it’s a great opportunity for beginners and collectors alike to obtain popular characters whose original cards often command even higher prices. AmiAmi is currently sold out, but this is not unusual and they typically stock up again after the initial release, so keep an eye out. already has scans of every card available now, for those who’d prefer to browse.

Minor updates:
-To the Where to Buy, I added eBay as there’s been some activity there worth noting by now, and removed as they went out of business.
-As has been noted on Twitter and Facebook, I’m working on a huge update to the Story Guide incorporating new info Eis provided on the forum for Chapter III, Shingoku no Shou, and Ouga Rasen no Shou.

Site Section Updates, Next Chapter Confirmations

1390093992555I’ve made some adjustments and additions to the site, namely:

-The “Merch” section is now “Cards & Merch“. It’s also been spruced up with some photos from my personal collection.
-New section, “Release List & Card Scans“. The chapter release dates been moved here, and it also functions as a directory to the card scans at For those of you who just like to browse cards, this should make life just a bit easier, so check it out.
-The Carddass Trading Card Game section has been updated with photos from my collection. The previously borrowed image there may or may not have been of fan made cards based on the TCG. I was aware of this for nearly two years now, but never got around to replacing it, so umm sorry about that. For posterity, here is that image and here is the blog it was from.
-I’m hoping to make a couple of additions to make the information here more comprehensive, but I’ve been short on time. Our more active fans may want to keep an eye on the forums, where I’ll be opening up my research a bit more in case anyone wants to contribute. Here’s my current subject.

Now then, you may be wondering about that image! To explain:
-It seems Chapter 10 is indeed “Tenchi Shinmei no Shou”, and the current release date appears to be 4/14/2014. It’s already up for pre-order on AmiAmi.
-The Japanese AmiAmi listing describes it as a “Shinra Bansho All-Star War!” The visitations of previous characters continue, in other words.
-So yes, it appears that really is Saiga and friends coming back.
-26 cards are listed for the set, down from the 30-or-so which has been the norm lately. This isn’t unheard of though, as some earlier sets dip as low as 24.’s front page currently has coverage of the World Hobby Fair 2014, which the flyer on the right is also from. It includes images of the Ichiban Kuji merchandise mentioned in the previous post.
-Mentioned on the posters there, there’ll be more web features, and also what appears to be another Ichiban Kuji write up with a sillouette of Astaroth. She’s not seen in any of the items in the February round, so perhaps there’s more to come…
-Another look at the Wafer Man pillow, whose eternal stare and static smile is surely the perfect addition to any couch, daybed, or home security system.
-Finally, a listing of the Top Characters Selection with previews of the new holographic effects. But unfortunately nothing of the new illustrations.


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